Intensivsprachwoche der 3AHW in Dublin

We started our journey on Tuesday the thirteenth of October 2015 . Enthusiastic but exhausted we left our hometown Wolfsberg at 6 a.m. Our first destination was the airport in Vienna, were we and our teachers Mrs. Horacek and Mrs Calabrò went by bus for about 3 hours.

When we arrived there, we went to the check-in. Because of the fact that it was early in the morning, we did not have to wait in the check-in queue for hours.

Due to the fact that we had some time left until boarding some of us went looking through the shops and the others had breakfast in a cafe.

We took off at 11:45 a.m. from Vienna with Aer Lingus to our destination Dublin. The flight was enjoyable and so we were excited for our host families.

A driver from the PACE Language School was already waiting for us at the airport and we went again by bus to Bray, were we lived for the whole week. In Bray, we got to know our host parents and so we split up and went home with them. At our new places, we finally got our dinner and after that, our host families showed us around the town. But for us it was a long day and therefore, we were really tired and went to bed instantly.

School started at 9.15 a.m. the next day. We got divided into two groups and each group got one teacher for the week. Speaking English during classes was obviously the highest priority.

After school we had an orientation tour through Bray and Dublin, were we saw all the sights. Afterwards we went home and had dinner. Then we went to the Bowling Area in Bray were we had the chance to play bowling and different computer games. They even had Laser-Tag and so there was something for everyone.

On Thursday we met with our teachers after school, they decided to do the Cliff Walk because the weather was lovely.

The Cliff Walk lasted around two hours with some accidents were some of the students got lost so our teacher had to go and look out for them. After dinner we then met with new motivation at a hotel were we had Irish dancing, which was a lot of fun for everyone.

On Friday after school we went to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. We went there by DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit). We were a little disappointed because we were not allowed to taste the beer because you aren’t allowed to drink alcohol under the age of 18 in Ireland and so we just ran around the building and looked at all the pictures. After Guinness we had some free time, which the most of us spent with eating or shopping. Then we went home and had dinner as usual.

On Saturday we met at 10 a.m. for driving to Dublinia and Christchurch were we learned much about the history of Dublin and the Victorian Age. Afterwards we again had time for ourselves, the most of us split up and went crazy in all the shops we don’t have here in Austria. Time goes by really fast in a big city like Dublin and so we met in front of the cinema and watched a movie called „The Intern“ which was about an old guy and a young businesswoman who became best friends. The movie was really catching and enjoyable to watch. Tired but happy we then went back home to Bray.

On Sunday we went to Glendalough which is a glacial valley in Wicklow. Because the weather wasn’t that nice we soon decided to do something else, so we went to Dundrum shopping Centre and spent our last money there.

On Monday we firstly had school like every weekday. Then we went to Malahide Castle, a really old castle with beautiful gardens and lots of ghost stories. Afterwards we went home, because it was our last real day in Ireland and we had to pack. Because we had shopped so much we had some troubles with the closing of our bags. That day we went to bed early because we had to get up the next day at 4 a.m.

On Tuesday morning we had to say goodbye to our host parents and said thank you for all the things they did for us and then we drove to the airport. All of us were sleeping the whole journey back home because we were exhausted. We were happy to be home again but at the same time sad that this unforgettable week was over.

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